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Karimunjawa Island
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Do you need a motor taxi to pick you up after arriving in the Karimunjawa harbour, we got you! Our driver will be ready with a Karimunjawa Package sign, after which he will help you with your bag and drive you to your accommodation. Are you looking for a motor taxi from your accommodation to the harbour? No problem, the taxi ride the other way around is also possible. This service is also bookable by Whatsapp, more suitable for last minute taxi drives.

Traveling by motor bike in Karimunjawa is perfect for those who travel with little luggage or a backpack. Feel the breeze through your hair and breath in the fresh island wind. The motor bike taxi gives you the opportunity to travel affordable, while really being part of the island life. You can always rent your own motor bike but this option is perfect for those who aren’t comfortable (yet) with driving a bike themselves.

PICK-UP LOCATION Karimunjawa harbour or your accommodation (if you are checking out).
DROP OFF LOCATION Your accommodation or the harbour (if you are checking out).
PRICE SPECIFICATION The harbour pick-up price is set for all accommodations in town (from Legon Waru on the east until The Happinezz Hills in the west). If you like to book a transfer to an accommodation further to the west, please contact us for more information.
MOTOR CAPACITY The motor taxi is for one person with big or small bag. It’s possible to bring a suitcase if it fits in front of the driver between his legs.
 Motor bike.
 Petrol & Parking cost in the harbour.
 Driving around in Karimunjawa or extra stops on the way.
 Gratuity for the driver (not mandatory but appreciated).
  • Private transport in Karimunjawa can be booked until the day of the transport, however, availability of our motor bikes (especially in the weekend) will be better when booked ahead. For more information about our cancellation policy, please go to our FAQ page.
  • After you place your order and we checked the availability, we will send you a payment request by email. After receiving the payment, we can order the transport for you and send you all the information you need.
  • Please make sure to fill in the right pick-up date and time, as well as the preferred addresses.
  • When picked-up at the harbour or any other public place, or driver will carry a sign with the Karimunjawa Package logo.
  • Please note that the motor on the picture isn’t always the motor used for your trip. It’s depending on the available fleet, however all motors are in good condition.

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From: Rp. 35.000/day


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